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Geelong Travel is an award-winning travel agency that continues each year to deliver incredible standards for our discerning travellers. As a private family business, great service is at the heart of everything we do. Specialising in cruising, coach tours, river cruising, independent journeys, group experiences, leisure & corporate travel.

Our leisure experts are here to assist you every step of the way for your next adventure. As the most experienced travel agents in the region, our expertise is second to none. We ensure that your journey is everything you want it to be.

Our dedicated corporate consultants specialise in the fast-paced world of business. Their efficiency and attention to detail is of the highest standard.  They understand that you need an expert who truly understands the power of relationships and the value of excellent service.

Your journey begins with us.


Stuart Coffield, Managing Director

Why I love travel: The insight I gain into different cultures and also the ability to pass that on to our clients.

Years of experience: 20

Favourite destination: Los Angeles. It’s such an incredible, diverse city. Lonely Planet put it best in their introduction to the city: LA runs deeper than her blonde beaches, rolling hills and beemers-for-days would have you believe. She’s a myth. A beacon for countless small-town dreamers, rockers and risk-takers, an open-minded angel who encourages her people to live and let live without judgement or shame. She has given us Quentin Tarantino, Jim Morrison and Serena and Venus Williams; spawned skateboarding and gangsta rap; popularized implants, electrolysis and Spandex; and has nurtured not just great writers, performers and directors, but also the ground-breaking yogis who first brought Eastern wisdom to the Western world.

I specialise in: Groups and conventions.

Highlight from my most recent trip: The Super Bowl in San Francisco was truly amazing, as was the experience we were able to provide for our clients.


Helen Paulus, Retail Office Manager

Why I love travel: I love working in the industry as it’s so diverse. No two holidays are the same. Meeting new and looking after old clients, helping plan their itinerary and then hearing about the holidays is so fulfilling.

Years of experience: 36

Favourite destination: Europe in general and cruising the beautiful rivers.

I specialise in: Europe and North America..

Highlight from my most recent trip: APT Portugal and Douro River cruising and tour. A traditional Portuguese dinner at the Alpendurada Monastery, a beautiful 14th century convent with panoramic views over the river.

Belinda Coffield, Senior Travel Consultant

Why I love travel: I am passionate about exploring places I have never been, it is such a beautiful feeling of accomplishment seeing something for the very first time.  But ultimately it is the incredible feeling of having a lifetime of memories around the world that I love about travelling the most.

Years of experience: 17 years.

Favourite destination: Greek Islands, Paris & New York.

I specialise in: Corporate & Leisure travel

Highlight from my most recent trip:  Travelling to Argentina, Bolivia and Peru, seeing Machu Picchu was just stunning!


Rita Carlini, Travel Consultant

Why I love travel: Travel broadens your mind and opens it up to many new experiences. I love exploring new traditions and enjoying all the culinary delights that each culture offers.

Years of experience: 40

Favourite destination: Venice/Paris/Dubai – It’s impossible to choose a single one.

I specialise in: Planning trips to Europe and Canada Alaska. Helping people realise their dreams.

Highlight from my most recent trip: Flying to Istanbul and enjoying the buzz of the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market. I then boarded the Island Sky and began our adventure to Gallipoli – Ephesus. I felt I was walking back in time, such different destinations with such a diverse and different history.

Venice is like no other city, on a balmy summer night with new found friends, we sat on St Marks Square listening to the orchestra playing songs from years gone by. Basking in the atmosphere enjoying a drink, we realise that this experience is costing us way too much, but order another anyway.

Mary Anawati

Mary Anawati, Travel Advisor

Why I love travel: I started  working for Lufthansa airlines at the age of 18.  I continued working for various Travel Agencies in Australia.  I love the interaction with clients, I love to seek out their experiences. It gives a great thrill when they return from their holiday and they share their discoveries with me.  I speak six languages: French, Italian, German, Greek , Arabic and English.

Years of experience: 42

Favourite destination: Europe / Egypt / Greece – Hawaii and Thailand

I specialise in: travelling throughout Europe especially  France and the Greek Islands

Highlight from my most recent trip:  Greek Islands and two cruises around Italy, France, Spain and Greece

Leanne Heath, Travel Advisor

Why I love travel: Travel is infectious every holiday is different, you make your own experiences from the destinations you visited.  I love the industry as I get to make my clients dreams become a reality with life long memories.

Years of experience: 16

Favourite destination: There are so many different destinations I have visited no particular favourite as they are all different for their own reason. I have travelled to many parts of Europe including the beautiful river Cruise up the Rhine & Moselle Rivers. I have also travelled to Asia extensively and enjoyed the well kept secret of Sabah where the orangutans are rehabilitated and released back to the wild. I travelled on Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas showcasing New Zealand best including base jumping of Sky Tower in Auckland “what a View” of the city an experience I will always remember.

I specialise in: All things retail travel, helping fulfil lifelong dreams become to a memorable experience.

Highlight from my most recent trip:  Relaxing in the lounge on board the Indian Pacific from Adelaide to Perth watching the day go by, the ever changing scenery of the outback desert crossing the Nullarbor. Enjoying dinner under the stars in Rawlinna.

Kirsty Giles, Travel Advisor

Why I love travel: There is nothing like experiencing new countries and cultures, the world is so diverse and just waiting to be explored. Imparting my knowledge and experiences on to my clients is extremely rewarding, and hearing about their wonderful holidays makes it all worthwhile.

Years of experience: 28

Favourite destination: Vietnam/Africa/Australia – I can’t choose just one

I specialise in: Asia/Africa/Australia

Highlight from my most recent trip: Botswana & Zimbabwe – There is nothing like seeing the wild animals of Africa in their natural habitat. Elephant, lion, giraffe, zebra, hippo, and the list goes on. They amble around without a care to what we are doing, I could watch them for hours. Victoria Falls from the air is such an awesome sight, and the experience of a luxurious bush lodge is second to none. This was my 3rd trip to Africa, and I could never do too many to see everything on my wish-list.

Kirsty McDriven, Administration

Why I love travel: I love the excitement of arriving in a new country and being able to experience the language and the culture and taking it all the new sights!!

Years of experience: 11

Favourite destination: Hawaii, Dubai, Japan

Highlight from a trip: There is so may moments I could say for this one, but the one that stands out to me the most was going dog sledding in Canmore in Canada. It was an amazing experience, with the adrenaline as well as seeing the dogs running through the snow and how fast they go as well as taking in the amazing scenery was truly amazing!

Julian Insall, Travel Advisor

Why I love travel: I think it’s because of the appreciation of our own country, to be blessed with a backyard of so many iconic landmarks, mountains and deserts. From a young child of 9 years old, I have been addicted to the Outback of Australia, either through road or rail adventures. I love to share my own experiences with our valued clients to ensure they get the best out of their own adventures.

Years of experience: 30

Favourite destination: The Australian Outback and Zimbabwe/Botswana – I can’t split this! The thrill of being in the African Savannah and on a safari of animals in their natural habitat.

I specialise in: Australian Rail Experiences and African Safaris

Highlight from my most recent trip: Coober Pedy, South Australia. To visit the outback mountains called the Breakaways and explore the historic Dog Fence and to set up an outback dinner in the red earth and have a view of the desert.

Molly Mellor, Travel Consultant

Why I love travel: Travel gives me the chance to immerse myself in different cultures and witness firsthand how people live around the world. Each country has its own unique landscape, sounds and smells. And let’s not forget about the food! Trying new and delicious cuisines is always a highlight of my adventures.

Years of experience: 9

Favourite destination: Japan

I specialise in: Destinations throughout Asia, tailor made itineraries and ski travel around the globe. Music festivals, adventure travel and youth travel.

Highlight from my most recent trip: Eating my way through Japan, eating all the Sashimi, Wagyu, Takoyaki and Daifuku

Natalie Power, Travel Consultant

Why I love travel: I love to travel because it allows me to immerse myself in new cultures, meet fascinating people, and open my mind to diverse experiences. Exploring different cultures broadens my perspective, offering understanding that I wouldn’t gain otherwise. Meeting new people during my travels has led to incredible connections and friendships that have enriched my life in countless ways. Overall, the ability to open my mind to various ways of life and embrace the diversity our world offers is what truly excites me about travelling.

Years of experience: 2

Favourite destination: There are way too many to pick from, and so much left for me to explore that it feels impossible to choose one favourite. Visiting some of the various towns along the South of France was definitely one of my favourites though – so beautiful!

I specialise in: Family trips to Europe and USA, as well as domestic around Australia

Highlight from my most recent trip: Either climbing to the ‘Top of Europe’ at Jungfraujoch in Switzerland, or swimming in Lake Bled in Slovenia. Unforgettable experiences!

Nick Kozdra, Rail Consultant

Why I love travel: I am drawn to the natural beauty of different destinations, whether it’s majestic mountains, pristine beaches, or lush forests. Connecting with nature while travelling can be deeply fulfilling and rejuvenating.

Years of experience: 1

Favourite destination: The spoils are shared between The Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and Yosemite National Park, which were all visited whilst road tripping through the USA on my most recent trip.

I specialise in: Luxury rail tours across Australia. Particularly The Ghan & Indian Pacific

Highlight from my most recent trip: hiking from the South Kaibab Trail to the Bright Angel Trail offered an unforgettable experience in one of the most iconic national parks in the world. The journey through the Grand Canyon’s breathtaking landscapes sure did leave a lasting impression on me forever.

Rosanna Dogan, Travel Consultant

Why I love travel: Travel opens you up to many new experiences. There is nothing that excites me more than travelling to a new destination. I love exploring new cultures and experiencing different cuisines.

Years of experience: 2

Favourite destination: Hawaii, Italy and Turkey

I specialise in: Cruising and Rail Journeys

Highlight from my most recent trip: The amazing view from the top of diamond head in Hawaii. Cruising the south pacific islands.