Carry on luggage essentials

What to pack for a holiday is always a hot topic of conversation, it can be one of the hardest decisions about your holiday! Deciding what makes it into your carry-on luggage for long-haul flights is no exception, you don’t want to be caught without an essential item when facing an international flight with no stopovers.  We’ve made things easier by putting together a list of 5 handy items for your carry-on luggage to make sure your next adventure goes smoothly.

Collapsible water bottle

Staying hydrated while travelling is one of the most important things you can do but some water bottles can take up precious space in your bag, not to mention they get heavy when full.  A collapsible bottle will take up a tiny portion of your bag and means you will always have one handy when you need one.

carry on luggage essentials


Headaches and stomach problems often happen at the most inopportune moments and it would be an awful way to start a holiday so make sure you have things like painkillers, anti-histamines and other medication in easy reach.

Hand Sanitiser

Making sure your holiday gets off to a great start can also mean making sure you don’t get sick before you leave the plane.  Using hand sanitiser before handling food both on the plane and while on holiday will reduce your risk of stomach upsets.

carry on luggage essentials


Airlines hand out thousands of headphones every day and they are designed to be thrown away so the sound quality isn’t one of their strong points.  Taking your own also means there will be one less pair in landfill and that has to make you feel a bit warm and fuzzy about doing your bit for the environment.

Portable charger

Using phones and tablets for watching movies, playing games and listening to music has a tendency to drain your battery fairly quickly so to make sure you have enough entertainment for the whole flight, a portable charger will give you a boost when you need it.

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