Fantastic places to see in Pakistan

Holidaying somewhere a little different to the usual destinations is always an eye opener and will catch you by surprise as almost every country in the world has something wonderful to offer that you weren’t expecting.  Pakistan is one of those places, from bustling modern cities to spectacular beaches, mountain ranges and everything in between.


Located in the Punjab province of Pakistan, Bahawalpur was once the capital of the former princely state of Bahawalpur which was ruled by a family of semi-autonomous Muslim rulers called Nawabs.  The Nawabs created a rich cultural legacy of art, architecture and religion which has been maintained in fantastic condition and are a major attraction of the region. The Noor Mahal was once the home of the Nawabs but is now open to the public.

Pakistan Noor Mahal

Deosai National Park

Also called Land of the Giants, Deosai National Park is found in the north of the country and is  home to the Deosai Plains, which are the second highest alpine plains in the world. An abundance of flora and fauna call Deosai home including Himalayan brown bears, ibex, snow leopards and golden marmots as well as over 100 different species of birds.  



With a population of just over 1 million, Islamabad was built as a planned city in the 1960’s and replaced Karachi as the capital of Pakistan and is one of the safest cities in the country thanks to an extensive cctv network.  Islamabad is home to the Faisal Mosque, the largest mosque in South Asia and the 4th largest in the world and is located at the foot of the Margalla Hills.



This 5000 year old city has been recognised as one of the most important early cities in Asia and is the largest in the Indus Valley.  Rediscovered in the 1920’s, Mohenjo-Daro is significant because of the grid layout and advanced building designs. It has been extremely well preserved and the museum has numerous artifacts for public viewing.  UNESCO has designated it as a World Heritage Site and is funding efforts to further protect the city ruins.


Neelum Valley

One of the most visited places in the north of Pakistan, Neelum Valley is named after the Neelum River and has some spectacular waterfalls and beautiful forest areas.  Hiking in the area is extremely popular and you can also hire a jeep to drive through the surrounding countryside.

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